The GenX Globetrotters


In a world increasingly characterized by global mobility and international career opportunities, one generation appears to stand out as a generation of expats – Generation X. Born between 1965 and 1980, GenX’rs are often overlooked in discussions about expatriate life, but their unique characteristics and experiences make them a significant part of this global trend. In this article, we will explore the concept of expatriation and delve into why Generation X may indeed be the generation of expats.

Characteristics of Generation X

Independence and Self-Reliance

Generation X is known for its independent and self-reliant nature. They grew up in a time when self-sufficiency was highly valued, which makes them naturally inclined to venture into the world on their terms. This spirit of autonomy has often driven them to explore opportunities abroad.

Adaptability to Change

GenX’rs came of age during a period of significant societal and technological change. They witnessed the transition from analog to digital, which has made them adaptable to new environments, cultures, and technologies. This adaptability serves them well when relocating to different countries.

The Global Experience

GenX’rs and Expatriate Life

Generation X has been actively participating in the expatriate lifestyle. Whether for work, adventure, or a change of pace, many GenX’rs have taken the plunge and moved to foreign lands. This experience has broadened their perspectives and enriched their lives in numerous ways.

Careers and Opportunities Abroad

International career opportunities have been a significant driver for Gen X expatriates. Many have sought positions overseas, taking advantage of their adaptability and skills to excel in different cultural and professional environments.

Challenges Faced

Family and Expatriation

Balancing family life with expatriation can be challenging, and GenX’rs are not exempt from these difficulties. Many have had to navigate the complexities of relocating their families, ensuring their children receive a well-rounded global education.

Economic Considerations

While expatriation can offer unique career opportunities, it often comes with financial considerations. GenX’rs have had to make decisions about their financial futures, ensuring they secure their family’s well-being while living abroad.


Generation X, often considered the “middle child” of generations, has quietly become a significant part of the global expatriate community. Their independence, adaptability, and willingness to embrace change have driven them to seek opportunities and adventures in foreign lands. GenX’rs are redefining what it means to be a global citizen, making them a generation of expats who are shaping the world in their own unique way.


  1. What age range does Generation X cover?

    Generation X encompasses individuals born between 1965 and 1980, making them approximately 43 to 58 years old today.

  2. What are some common reasons for GenX’rs to become expatriates?

    GenX’rs ¬†often become expatriates for reasons such as career opportunities, a sense of adventure, or the desire for a change of pace.

  3. How do Gen X expatriates balance family life with living abroad?

    Balancing family life with expatriation can be challenging, but many Gen X expatriates carefully plan their family’s move and seek international education options for their children.

  4. Are Gen X expatriates financially prepared for living abroad?

    Expatriation often comes with financial considerations, and Gen X expatriates make financial decisions to ensure their family’s well-being while living abroad.

  5. What impact do Gen X expatriates have on the global landscape?

    Gen X expatriates contribute to a more globally interconnected world, bringing their skills, adaptability, and cultural awareness to different parts of the globe.

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